Best Split AC In India 2020 ( Top 4 Inverter Air Conditioner)
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Best Split AC In India 2020 ( Top 4 Inverter Air Conditioner)

1. Voltas 1 Ton 3-Star Split AC (123-CZA)

Voltas is one of the best ac brands in the electronics market and also one of the best brands that is known to deliver quality products according to the expectations of the users.

The Voltas 1 ton 3-star split AC (123-CZA)is one of that product under the Voltas brand company in the best possible manner.

This is one of that ACs which you will simply love using as it comes loaded with many features along with the desired looks.To begin with, it comes with 3-star ratings which means that it will save the maximum of your electricity bill along with reduced power consumption.One important thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that it is a non-inverter AC.

As a result, you will not get any variable fan speed attached to the compressor.Therefore, you should only select this AC from the Voltas,

if you are okay with the fact to use the compressor without variable speed as it will not control the flow of refrigerant gas in the AC.

the copper coil makes sure that the users don’t have to invest much of their in maintaining the AC as it comes with easy maintenance.

Overall, you will be thoroughly impressed with the cooling effect that is delivered by this Voltas 1 ton 3-star split AC (123-CZA).

This is not it, rather this Voltas 1 ton 3-star split AC (123-CZA) offers many additional features to its users which enhances the experience of the users.

It offers an auto-restart option that works as soon as there is some issue in the normal functioning of the AC. Along with this; you also get the facility of timer, swing, sleep mode, turbo, and remote control.

2. Hitachi 1.0 Ton 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312HBD)

If you are looking for AC that will not only provide you with effective cooling but will also fit your budget, then this Hitachi 1.0 Tonne 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312HBD) is the right choice for you.

The AC is one of the best models that come under the Hitachi brand which is affordable for most users.

You can completely trust the brand value of Hitachi and can be assured of the fact that it is one of the reliable products that you can choose from the brand.

Before going over the features of this Hitachi 1.0-ton 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312 HBD), let’s take a look at its form.

If you are among those who like the simple yet attractive design, then you will be completely impressed with the design of this Hitachi 1.0 ton 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312 HBD).

It comes in white color with simplicity in button arrangement for easy and quick access to all available features of this AC.

Coming in its features, this Hitachi 1.0 Tonne 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312HBD) is loaded with all the features you can expect from your split AC. It comes with a capacity of 1 ton which is perfectly suited for small rooms such as bedrooms etc.

If you are planning to use this Hitachi 1.0 Tonne 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312HBD) in your big room, you will feel a little disappointed with the cooling effect.

To complement its offered features, it comes with a 3-star rating from BEE which ensures the fact that AC can operate with minimal power consumption.

Therefore, you can be sure that you will also save your electricity bill with regular use of this Hitachi 1.0 Tonne 3-Star Split AC (RSZ312 HBD).

You also get a 1-year warranty on the body of the AC with this product, as well as a 5-year warranty with the compressor available in this AC.

The noiseless function of this air conditioner will also affect you and will not bother you in any of your regular work.

3. Midea SANTIS PRO 3i (MAI18SP3N8F0)

If you want your room to have an inverter AC for better comfort or to save power, then your usage is not much, and you want a model that is not expensive, then the best model in the market is a budget brand.Comes from the media.

This Santis Pro 3i model is a BEE 3 star rated model with a nominal cooling capacity of 5400 watts (which is 1.54 tons), the nominal power consumption of 1990 watts and an ISIR of 3.75.

If your usage is moderate (less than 1600 hrs per year) then the ISEER number is very good.

But still, the model is one of the cheapest inverter ACs in the market. Midea is a pretty cultured Chinese brand that produces AC with 100% copper condenser.

On top of this, Media has partnered with Carrier in India and therefore provides support on JV products.

This AC has a refrigerant leakage detector, follow me (sensor to direct airflow to the user) and auto cleaning feature to set the ACs on/off time to the timer. So if you are looking for a value to buy money, then this AC is a great option.

 4. Carrier Breezo Inverter (5 Star) (CAI18BR5R39W0)

The three most important things people expect from an air conditioner are: 1) it should cool well 2) it should not consume too much electricity and 3) it must be durable. of these 3.

the first depends on the cooling capacity or tonnage of an air conditioner and if you have calculated the correct tonnage as stated above and you have attained 1.5 tonnes as per your cooling requirement, then the carrier. This particular AC is a perfect fit if you are looking for the “best” 1.5-ton air conditioner.

Carrier is a premium American brand and was started by the company Willis Carrier who invented the concept of air conditioning.

The cooling capacity of this AC is 5200 watts which are equal to 1.48 tonnes. It is an AC BEE 5 star rated air conditioner with an ISIR of 4.62 and nominal power consumption of 1520 watts.

But as it is an inverter tech air conditioner, it will vary power consumption depending on its tonnage as well as room requirement.It comes with 100% copper heat exchangers making them quite durable.

It comes with a PM2.5 filter, stabilizer free operation, auto cleaner to clean indoor unit, auto timer for on / off.

And the best part of this AC is that it does not bomb because everything is good. So, it is a good AC with high efficiency, durability, and cooling and does not cost a lot.

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