Best air cooler in india 2020 with price| no.1selling air cooler in indian market
best air cooler in indian offline market

Best air cooler in india 2020 with price| no.1selling air cooler in indian market

After doing so much research I have picked these air coolers from over best models below from reputed brands to make your summer cool and happy.
Today many different types of air coolers from various brands are available in the Indian market. A variety of room coolers (bedrooms, used for small offices), duct coolers (used for central air cooling), jumbo coolers (large halls, used for large offices), etc.

To Keep in Mind While Buying an Air Cooler online shopping sites

1) I would recommend buying brands like Symphony, Bajaj, Crompton, Hindware and buying genuine from Amazon and Flipkart and avoiding counterfeit products from other websites. I bought a Symphony Diet Air Cooler for my personal use and I am quite satisfied.

2) If your buying a small one (personal cooler , room cooler) then it’s for personal use ( for 2 people at most) don’t expect it to cool the whole room. But is only good enough for you sleeping and working when placed at 3-4 feet distance.

3) The cooler will need a source of fresh airflows like a window or your room entrance or near the balcony. Placing it in a closed room will make a room hot and humid. If you don’t have an open airflow source then turn off the water pump if the room feels humid.

Best Air Conditioners In India | Reviews And All Details For (2020)

best air cooler in indian offline market


no.1 selling air cooler in india

the best no.1 air cooler in India is Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler with i-Pure Technology( Personal low noise air cooler for 1 or 2 person use )

Symphony cooler important details

1) Another offering by Symphony in the personal air cooler range.

2) This is another capability than the symphony diet and almost the same price.

3) There is also ice and cold water inlet, which you will not find again in Symphony Diet.

4) But the symphony diet is more compact and lighter than this.

5) is equipped with i-Pure technology which consists of 5 types of filters.

6) So overall if you want more water capacity at the same cost by the symphony, you can go for it.
It comes with a drain plug to easily remove the water used.

7) This cooler is good for 2 person usage and at most can be used for 3.

8) Moreover, the cooler can throw air up to a distance of feet and can swing in 4 directions.

9) The built-in ice tray and a large water tank of 50-Litre for a comfortable cool night.

10) The cooling system contains wood wool , not honeycomb.

price of air cooler in India in 2020

Best Room Coolers Price 2020 ModelsPrice
Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE Air Cooler₹5,489
Bajaj TC 2007 Air Cooler₹5,640
Bajaj PC 2012 Air Cooler₹5,299
Symphony Ice Cube XL Air Cooler₹5,300
Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier Air Cooler₹9,696
Bajaj SB2003 Air Cooler₹5,550
Symphony Sumo Jr. Room Air Cooler (with Trolley)₹7,491
Kenstar KCT1RF4H-EBA Glam 15R Air Cooler₹7,990
Bajaj DC 2009 SLEEQ Air Cooler₹9,000
Havells Freddo-i 70L Room Air Cooler₹15,325

Best Air Coolers in India (brands & room) size

Here are a few handpicked ones:

1.Symphony food regimen 12t (room one hundred sqft length)
2.bajaj px ninety-seven torque (room a hundred and fifty sqft length)
3.bajaj tc 2007 (for room two hundred sqft size)
4.symphony contact 35 (room two hundred sqft length)
5.bajaj Frio (room 300 sqft size)
6.orient electric-powered snow breeze slimcd5501h (room 350 sqft length)

7.Bajaj MD 2020 (for room length four hundred sqft)
8.hardware snow crest eighty-five (for room size 450 sqft)
9.Crompton ozone 55 (for room length 500 sqft)
10.maharaja Whiteline Rambo (for room length six hundred sqft)

what is the difference between Personal Cooler vs Room Cooler or Desert Cooler

As the name suggests individual coolers are recommended for one person. Where known as a room cooler or as a desert cooler, it can be used to cool a medium-sized room. Companies often put misguided names like they can label an individual cooler as a room cooler, although it will not be able to cool your room. Individual coolers can be placed in interior areas of the room, while external coolers must be placed near doors or windows with access to the outside air. This is to prevent your room from getting too moist.

Low Noise Air Cooler

For low noise options, I would recommend Symphony Air Coolers, run them at a low speed for light cool air and very little noise. The symphony diet option, preferably above, makes very little noise at moderate speeds.

If you want even more cooling, I would recommend taking a look at our air conditioner lists, as spending more money on air coolers will not be efficient cooling and cost-wise.

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