Best 1 Ton Split AC in India 2020 (Inverter, 3-5 Star)

Best 1 Ton Split AC in India 2020 (Inverter, 3-5 Star)

Do you want to buy split AC to beat the heat of summer? In this post, I am going to list the Best 1 Ton Split AC in India. A 1-ton split AC is best suited for small bedrooms up to 120 square feet.

If your room has multiple windows or your room is located above the third floor and the sunlight falls directly on the walls of the room, then you need to opt for a 1.5-ton split AC.

If the room temperature is more than 40 degrees and the use of an air conditioner is high, then it is better to choose the inverter split AC.

I have also listed the Best 1 Ton Inverter Split AC in the list below. Inverter ACs are more efficient and save more energy than non-inverter 5-star air conditioners.

All the general questions about air conditioners are given below. If you have any questions, post them in the comments section, and I’ll try to answer them.

Best 1 Ton Split ACs in India 2019

1. LG 1-Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC – Q12YNZA

LG AC units are the favorite of Indians because LG makes these air conditioners to suit Indian conditions. It can deal with specific kind of pollution such as saltwater, industrial emissions, and other corrosive agents including rain.

The Inverter compressor is the best one to ensure excellent performance while consuming the least power. This LG AC comes with Dual Cool Technology and Himalaya Cool Technology.

LG Ac units come with high-grade copper condenser coils that enable better heat dissipation and withstand higher pressures.
These air conditioners receive additional protection in the form of Ocean Black Protection which protects the coil from various corrosive agents.

Monsoon comfort technology does not allow moisture from outside to enter the rooms, especially when it rains outside.

Auto clean functionality does not allow mold and bacteria to build up by ensuring that the heat exchanger remains dry.

The low refrigeration detection function is unique in the sense that it detects low refrigerant levels and alerts you to refill the same.

The in-built stabilizer protects your appliance by withstanding extreme voltage fluctuations.

It is an environmentally friendly AC because it uses the R32 refrigerant.

2. Daikin 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – ATKL35TV

Daikin, a Japanese-made AC is renowned for its quality of cooling. Similar to all Japanese products, Daikin does not compromise on the quality of the appliance.

The Econo Mode function in this AC is a unique one in the sense that it enables efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption.

The Power Chill Operation works on a supreme ODU heat exchanger technology that enables quick cooling when the room is hot and controls the temperature as the room becomes cold.The Indoor Unit Quiet Operation Mode reduces the noise levels while optimizing the airflow speed at the same time.

The Coanda Airflow feature helps direct the airflow towards the walls and ceilings while ensuring that it does not fall on your head thereby giving you uninterrupted comfort.

It also comes with a Good Sleep Timer function that prevents excessive cooling of the room at night thus saving power consumption.

The Neo Swing technology reduces vibration and friction while preventing any leakage of the refrigerant. This AC works on the R32 refrigerant.

3. LG 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – Q12YNXA

LG has many air conditioner models with similar features. The Q12YNXA is similar to the Q12YNZA in many ways.

This AC comes with an inverter compressor that adjusts power depending on the heat load. It is an efficient AC and delivers the lowest noise among all its contemporaries.

The Dual Rotary Compressor offers the quickest cooling thereby ensuring higher savings.The Ocean Black Protection feature protects the copper coils from corrosion, especially in the humid Indian climate. It also protects against salt and other industrial pollutants.

This AC comes to Himalaya Cool Technology that quickens the cooling. The Active Energy Control feature limits the power consumption and helps you save up to 57% of energy.

The low refrigerant detection feature detects the fall in the level of the refrigerant that can affect the cooling performance of the AC.

The LG AC units use the R32 refrigerant.

4. Voltas 1-Ton 3 Star Split AC – 123 C

Voltas is one of the oldest AC manufacturing companies in India. It also manufactures some of the most robust ACs in India today.

The Voltas AC comes with exciting features like the Instant Cooling function that works on the Turbo Mode to cool the room in the quickest time possible.

The High Ambient Cooling feature ensures that the AC keeps the room cool even if the temperature outside reaches 50 degrees Celsius.This Voltas AC also controls the cooling when you employ the Sleep Mode. There is a provision to set the timer as per your convenience. It will switch the AC on or off at the stipulated time.

The Voltas AC emphasizes on purifying the indoor air. It comes equipped with the 4-stage filtration advantage to remove allergens, bad odors, and other harmful particles such as pollen and animal dander thereby ensuring that you get pure air to breathe indoors.

The Active Humidifier feature senses the indoor humidity in the monsoon season and controls it automatically.

This AC comes with copper condenser coils thereby enhancing the heat exchange performance to ensure high-quality cooling with savings in power consumption.

5. Godrej 1-Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC GSC 12 GIG 5 DGOG

This Godrej AC perfectly combines utility and style. It not only enhances the comfort factor by delivering an excellent cooling performance but also helps in purifying the indoor air with its unique set of filters.

The Godrej AC has an alloy condenser (PFC condenser – an alloy of copper and aluminum) with Nano Coating technology to protect the coils from corrosion and ensuring its longevity.

The Intelligent Air Mode senses the room temperature and adjusts the airflow in different directions thereby avoiding the continuous flow of air to a single area.The Sleep Mode allows you to sleep in comfort as it increases the temperature automatically by one degree every hour for the initial two hours.

This AC comes with a unique feature where the AC fan remains on for about two minutes after switching off the AC. It helps to clean the residual water from the evaporator.

The Dry mode removes the excess humidity from the room and makes you feel comfortable.

This AC works on the R290 refrigerant, an environmentally friendly feature with no ozone depletion and low global warming potential.

6. Mitashi 1.0 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC – MiSAC105INv35

Many new AC manufacturers have sprung up in India in recent times. Mitashi is one such company producing AC units of good quality.

One of the significant features of the Mitashi air conditioner is the Turbo Cooling Mode that quickens the cooling performance of the AC, unlike the conventional ACs that take a lot of time.

The Sleep Mode ensures comfortable sleep for eight hours by switching off the AC after reaching the set temperature. The AC comes with a 360-degree swing so that the air reaches every corner of the room.The copper condenser and evaporator coils have additional protection to protect them from corrosion thereby enhancing the lifespan of the AC.

This Mitashi AC comes with a large and easy-to-read display that gives you accurate readings and other information.

The dehumidifying process ensures to eliminate the excess moisture from the room and allow for the breathing of fresh air.

The Anti-Dust filter removes particulate matter such as dust, mites, pollen, bacteria, industrial smoke, and other pollutants to help circulate fresh and pure air inside the rooms.

7. Voltas 1-Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC – 124V SZS

Voltas AC units come with an in-built stabilizer that protects the AC from wide voltage fluctuations. This AC can work in a voltage range of 150V to 270V.

This Voltas AC works on the inverter compressor that not only delivers excellent performance but saves power as well.

Voltas AC units are ideal for Indian summers because of the different modes of cooling available. The Instant Cooling Mode cools the room in the quickest possible time.The Ambient Cooling mode enables the AC to perform even when the temperature outside is more than 52 degrees Celsius.

This AC comes with a timer that enables you to set up the time of operation depending on your convenience.

This Voltas AC comes with innovative sensors like the Active Dehumidifier to control the indoor humidity levels, especially in the monsoon.

The 4-stage filtration function ensures the supply of pure and fresh air by eliminating pollutants like allergens, dust mites, dirt, pollen, and animal dander along with bacteria and viruses.

The copper condenser coil enhances the durability of the AC by delivering an efficient cooling performance.

8. Bluestar 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – BI-3CNHW12NAFU

The USP of the Bluestar AC is the 7-stage advanced filtering options available in each AC. These filters provide the highest degree of comfort by ensuring the circulation of pure and fresh air inside the rooms.

  • Catechin Filter inhibits bacterial growth
  • Silver Ion Filter prohibits the growth of microbes, bacteria, fungi, and spores
  • Anti-bacterial filter sterilizes the air passing through it.
  • The Anti-Acarien Filter keeps dust mites and other minute insects away that can cause breathing issues.
  • The Active Carbon filter removes bad odors from the air.
  • The Vitamin C filter interacts with the free radicals and eliminates them.
  • The dust filter traps dust particles and ensures the supply of healthy air.

The Comfort Sleep function adjusts the temperature during the night and maintains it at a comfortable level.

This AC is a smart one because it senses the pockets of warm and cold air in the room and concentrates on keeping a uniform temperature throughout the room thereby increasing the comfort for the user.

The R410A refrigerant is an environmentally friendly one that has no ozone depletion potential.

9. Samsung 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – AR12NV3HLTR

The highlight of this Samsung AC is the 8-Pole digital inverter that consumes less energy than the conventional compressors thereby making it efficient and durable.

The heat exchange coils require protection from corrosion. The Duran technology ensures high corrosion resistance because of the denser and thicker metal design with an improved coating to enhance heat transfer.

Installing this AC is easy. It comes with a smart installation feature that does a self-check to confirm the complete installation of the AC. In case of issues with the installation, it alerts you on the large display screen.The in-built voltage stabilizer protects the appliance from sudden voltage surges or drops. This stabilizer enables the AC to work in the range of 146 to 290V.

The automatic cut-off ensures that it switches off the power supply if the voltage falls outside this range.

The Good Sleep feature controls the temperature during the night and allows you to sleep comfortably. It also saves energy in the bargain.

The Samsung AC comes with protection for its components like Compressor protector, Controller protector, and Fin and Chassis protector.

10. Carrier 1-Ton 3 Star Split AC – CAS12EK3R39F0+CF123R

The inverter compressor in this Carrier AC is the ideal one to ensure high-class performance while saving power at the same time. These ACs make less noise as well because the compressor does not switch on and off at regular intervals.

The 1-ton AC is ideal for the average Indian bedroom measuring around 120 sq ft. This AC is a 3-star AC whereby it is good on the energy-saving front.

On average, this AC consumes 758 units of electricity in a year.The copper condenser coils are an advantage because of the excellent conductivity of copper. It ensures greater cooling and requires low maintenance.

This AC comes with additional features like dust filter, air purifier, dehumidifier, and so on to ensure that the user receives pure and fresh air.  The 2.5-micron filter is an innovative feature in this AC.

It has other interesting features like air direction control, security lock, refrigerant leakage detector, louver position memory, intelligent CRF alert, turbo mode, auto cleaner, double drain pipe facility and so on.

The R32 refrigerant is an environmentally friendly one.

Air Conditioners – Commonly Used Terms


Ton is the term that is used to measure the capacity of an Air Conditioner. 1 Ton is the Power of an AC that can cool 1000 KGs air within a day.

Star Ratings and Energy Efficiency

EER represents the efficiency of an Air Conditioner and the amount of cooling that an AC can produce per watt electricity usage.

Higher the Star Rating and the EER value, the lower will be the power consumption. As I mentioned earlier, Inverter ACs do not have star ratings.

Since most of the users are asking for Ratings, BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) started Rating Inverter ACs also.

According to BEE, Under Standard Test Conditions, the Electricity cost for a 5 Star Rated Split AC is ₹83 per day (approximately). Inverter ACs save more power than the regular 5 Star rated split Air conditioners.

Dust and Anti-Bacterial Filters

Now, Most of the Split ACs are equipped with Dust and Anti-bacterial filters that remove the pollen, bacterium, pet hairs, dust mites and other invisible dust. You have to opt for a Split AC that comes with the Dust filter if you live in a Heavy Traffic area or you are allergic to dust, pollen or mites.


Dehumidification feature reduces the humidity in the room. This feature will be useful for surroundings that have high moisture content.


Auto Cleaning function in the Air Conditioners prevents the accumulation of the dust, bacteria on the heat exchanger thereby extending the life of the AC.

Copper Coil or Aluminum Coil

Copper and Aluminum are the two types of Condenser coils that are used in the ACs. Copper coils are expensive, but they are much easier to repair when compared with Aluminum. In Most cases, Damaged Aluminium coils have to be replaced.

Now, a lot of techniques are introduced to protect the coils against corrosion. Most of the Top AC brands pre-coat the coils with anti-corrosive materials.

Blue Fin Condensers, MicroChannel Condenser coils (Multi Jet, Multi-Channel Technology) are some of the Techniques used by AC manufacturers to prevent the coil corrosion.

So, No matter the type of the Condenser Coil used, you have to opt for an AC that provides an Anti-Corrosive Coating to the coils. Check out this post to find the complete difference between copper vs Aluminum condenser.

Auto Restart

Now, Most of the Split Air Conditioners are equipped with a Memory chip that stores the data such as preferred temperature and humidity. In case there is a Power Outage, the AC will revert to original settings.

Just go through all the above 1 Ton Split AC models and then select the right one according to your requirement. If you have any queries regarding the selection of Best 1 Ton Split AC, post them in the below comments section, and I’ll try to answer them.

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